Last update: April 2016

Non-legalese version of our T&Cs:

a) play nice

b) providers offer services they can and will perform

c) customers make a binding offer to acquire the above mentioned services when clicking the “Order” button and completing the check-out process that follows

d) the payment (fee) for said services is processed via GiveSkill.com’s operating company Somebody&Somebody sro

e) 47.5% of the payment (fee) goes towards the charity provider chose when listing their offer on the site

f) 47.5% are paid to the provider

f) GiveSkill.com and its operating company keep a provision of 5% of the fee

g) you can offer any type of service you like (as long as its legal where you live and in Slovakia, where GiveSkill.com is operated from)

h) if the customer isn’t satisfied with services provided, we refund their payment (fee) and also donate 25% of said fee from GiveSkill.com’s own funds towards the provider’s chosen charity to make everyone happy

i) we assume providers own all copyrights for using any type of data or resources they provide in their listings and as well as the result of their services. If you found something you hold the rights to and don’t like being used on or via GiveSkill.com, let us know via feedback@giveskill.com and we’ll make amends as needed before you involve your lawyers (also, see the point a) above).

k) any other complaints or questions? get in touch via feedback@giveskill.com and we’ll work it out.

Note: GiveSkill.com is in testing-phase, so please excuse everything that might upset you. We’re trying hard. Pinky-swear!

GiveSkill.com’s operating company is: Somebody & Somebody sro, 6 Mlynarovicova, 85103 Bratislava, Slovakia.


And now the legalese version: